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Professional Services:
The emergence of a broadly diversified economic base in Gujarat has a profound impact on the practice of Bharadia Maheshwari & Associates. Our ability to offer specialized financial and managerial expertise in a constantly charging market has been instrumental to the Firm's growth and preeminence. The following are brief descriptions of the primary areas of services and the staff structure of the Firm's Portland practice.
The Business Assurance Group (BA)
Serving a highly diversified client base, the BA Group provides a board range of systems-based audit services tailored to specific engagements. The major thrust is in testing the integrity of financial statements. However, extensive evaluation and business advisement is offered in operational areas where clients can maximize potential profit, minimize potential loss or improve systems and internal controls.
The Tax Services Group
The Tax Services Group provides a full range of tax planning advisement, interrelating auditing, tax, economic, and business planning concepts for individual, partnership and corporate clients. Particular attention is given to analysis of proposed investment, the preparation of individual and corporate tax returns, long range financial and estate planning and particularly, the structuring of corporate reorganizations or acquisitions.
The Entrepreneurial Advisory Services Group (EAS)
The EAS Group provides a range of auditing, tax, financial and business advisory services to smaller and medium-size businesses and the entrepreneur on a personalized basis. The services are organized to creatively apply the many resources of the Firm to the specific problems of smaller business, which from an important part of our practice.
Computer Assurance Services (CAS)
The first of its kind in the accounting profession, CAS group of the firm is comprised of professionals who, as part of the audit team, participate in the assessment of audit risks related to information technology. They also provide stand alone services in the microcomputer, security and business continuity planning areas.
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