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Since of begining of the firm, all kinds of services have been rendered to our esteemed clients like, Accounts & Book Keeping, Sales Tax, Income Tax matters, Auditing, Project Financing, Management Consultancy, Restructuring, Legal issues related to Corporate & Promoters, Approvals from Reserve Bank of India, Liaison with Government Departments. However, the partners of the firm have gained expertise during the last 10 years in the following fields:-

Audit Matter:
The partners of the firm have been handling matters related to all type of Audits, i.e. Internal Audit, Management Audit, Statutory Audit, Bank Audit, Stock Audit, etc.

Income Tax Matter:
The firm has been handling matters from the filing of Income Tax Returns of Individuals, Firms, Societies, Associations and Companies till assessments thereof. The firm has also handled matters of appeals and ITAT (Income Tax for the Appellate Authority) and as well as the Income Tax Settlement Commission.

Sale Tax Matters:
The firm has been handling matters of Registration under Local and Central Sales Tax Act, filing of Sales Tax Returns and assessments thereof and appeals matters.

Project Financing:
The firm has got expertise for arrangement of Project Finance for our clients from various Financial Institutions and Banks through long standing relationship with them.

The firm also provides their expertise and experienced opinion/advice to their clients for various investment opportunities available from time to time.

Management Consultancy:
Providing specialized consultancy with regards to Financial Management, Project Finance, Working Capital Management, Corporate Computerization and developing M.I.S. in Corporate. Restructuring of the corporate, implementation of the systems, development various revenue modules, human resource development etc.

Service Tax Matters:
The firm has been handling the matters of Registration under the Service Tax, filling of Service Tax Returns and assessment thereof and other matters relating to the Service Tax.
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